Reports to the Legislature

Have you ever wondered if a certain report, either requested by resolution or required by law, has been submitted to the Legislature? If a report has been submitted, the Library also receives a copy and catalogs it with REQ in the Notes field of its CARD record. For example, if you want to know if a requested report on family leave has been submitted, go to CARD, be sure only LRB is checked off, and in the Search box type in: family leave req. Two reports come up. (If you wanted only the 2004 request, you can limit your search with: family leave 2004 req). Click on All Entries to retrieve both records, or click on just the one you want. Most reports are available online, as these two are.

For a complete table of all reports submitted by all agencies, go to:
Reports to the Legislature ( 23G-5 HRS )

You can also access this table via CARD by clicking on All Agencies Reports in the left sidebar under LRB Library.


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The great thing about the Internet is that now it is easy to obtain information documents online. Before you had to ask via postal mail and it took months.


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