Growing scourge of methamphetamine abuse

The National Association of Counties (NACo) testified before Congress Tuesday on the devastating spread of methamphetamine use across the nation. Chairperson of the NACo, Valerie Brown, presented the results of NACo's July 5 released surveys (reported here earlier) and concluded, "A comprehensive and intergovernmental approach is needed to combat the methamphetamine epidemic. Necessary components must include law enforcement, treatment, prevention, education, public health, cleanup, research and precursor control."

Meth abuse spread eastward from the west throughout all communities of the country, with 87% of reporting counties reporting an increase in meth drug arrests according to the surveys. A Tuesday Reuters news release reports that in San Diego alone over 400 children were taken into protective custody from homes where there was meth use, with 10% of the children testing positive for the drug. The drug is easy to manufacture from non regulated substances and is so addictive that 58% of law enforcement agencies see meth use as the number one drug problem they face.

Supervisor Valerie Brown Testifies On Capitol Hill In Washington
(available in PDF, 44K, from NACo)

The Meth Epidemic In America, Two Surveys of US Counties: The Criminal Effect of Meth on Communities and The Impact of Meth on Children
(available in PDF, 104K, from NACO)


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