Meth abuse cited as top drug problem

News stories (New York Times and Wash Post) report the National Association of Counties (NACO) has released two surveys citing methamphetamine abuse as the top drug problem facing law enforcement. The surveys were conducted in 500 agencies in 45 states. The Association further pleaded with federal lawmakers to restore monies for the 2006 proposed elimination of the $804 million drug-fighting program. NYT reports:
Of 500 law enforcement agencies in 45 states, 87 percent reported increases in methamphetamine-related arrests in the last three years, and 62 percent reported increases in laboratory seizures.

Fifty-eight percent said methamphetamine was their largest drug problem. Nineteen percent said cocaine was, 17 percent said marijuana and 3 percent said heroin.

However, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) has only recently reported that marijuana is still the country's biggest drug problem. (see also, ONDCP's Profile of Drug Indicators for Honolulu, PDF, 508K).

The Meth Epidemic In America, Two Surveys of US Counties: The Criminal Effect of Meth on Communities and The Impact of Meth on Children
(available in PDF, 104K, from NACO)


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