Objections to other Medicaid proposals

In addition to its report questioning Medicaid cost-sharing proposed by the National Governors Association (NGA) (see yesterday's post) to reform Medicaid, Georgetown University Health Policy Institute, Center for Children and Families (CCF), issued a report raising concerns about other NGA recommendations. According to CCF, the NGA package would allow states to offer tiered or targeted benefits to different groups of people, thereby possibly excluding coverage for needed care; to allow different coverage rules in different parts of the state, again possibly excluding coverage for needed care; and most critically, it would eliminate Medicaid's comprehensive coverage of children by excluding some children from receiving EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment) services. CCF sees possible higher costs due to delayed care, and for children, their ability to develop and function to their potential could be compromised.

Federal Medicaid Benefit Standards: Questions and Issues Raised by the NGA's Preliminary Recommendations
(Executive summary available as PDF, 9KB)

Medicaid Benefits for Children and Adults: Issues Raised by the National Governors Association's Preliminary Recommendations
(Full report available as PDF, 136KB)
Both from CCF


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