Helping prisoners return to society

Most prisoners will eventually be released. Spending on corrections increased from $9 billion in 1982 to $60 billion in 2002 but success rates of re-entry for those released have not improved. Thus begins a brief article, on p. 7 in the January 2006 issue of State News, published by the Council of State Governments (CSG), announcing a report of the Re-Entry Policy Council. That Council was established by CSG "to assist policymakers in developing practices to provide a successful re-entry for those individuals returning to society."

The Council's 674-page report, authored by CSG and ten project partners, covers three broad areas: Part I - Planning a Re-Entry Initiative; Part II - Review of the Re-Entry Process: From Admission to the Institution to Return to the Community; and Part III - Elements of Effective Health and Social Service Systems. There are 35 policy statements, research highlights, and recommendations to implement the policy statements. The appendix on Programs covers each state.

Report of the Re-Entry Policy Council
      [Report no longer available]


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