StateMaster.com: new 50-state database

A new statistical database, StateMaster.com, was launched recently. From its April 11 press release: "Unlike anything before it on the web, StateMaster is a one-stop site for all information related to US states."

StateMaster.com currently claims over 2600 state stats in 17 broad categories, alphabetically from Background to Trade, which are further broken down into such detail as, for example: Education, Assessments, % of Students Above Basic Grade 4 Math, where Hawaii ranks #44 with 73%. (Source: National Center for Education Statistics.) But, no surprise, Hawaii ranks #1 in Energy, Gas Price Average, Regular, at $3.28. (Source: Daily Fuel Gauge Report, AAA, 4/27/06.) Hawaii also ranks a dubious #1 in Economy, Total tax burden (per capita), at $3,050.03. (Source: US Census Bureau, 2004. Hawaii ranks #2 in 2005.) The definition and source for stats are conveniently accessible at the top of each table.



Anonymous Shimon Sandler said...

Great find Claire. This is an amazing tool. And, I think it classifies as a Vertical Search Engine. Kinda like Ticketmaster is a search engine for tickets. Hotjobs is a search engine for jobs. StateMaster is a vertical search engine for state stats.


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