Marketplace on the Capitol steps

eBay, the hugely successful Internet marketplace with "193 million registered users from around the world," is now putting out a call for political action. From their eBay Government Relations web site, eBay Main Street, they declare:
eBay's Government Relations team is working to make sure your voice is heard in Congress and state capitals...
Join eBay's Main Street Program. By signing up to receive updates on the legislative issues that affect you as a member of the eBay Community, you'll be able to take quick action to protect your business.
Organizing members into a grassroots network of activists, eBay monitors such issues as distant state sales tax, state autioneering license requirements, Net neutrality, and current regional regulation of health insurance. eBay also owns PayPal and Skype, respective internet players in the online banking and telecommunications arenas.

eBay Government Relations provides state profiles ("300,000 registered users in the state of Hawaii"); generated letters of position to elected officials; a newsletter, The Mainstreet Crier; and a meeting program:
The Main Street Meeting Program educates sellers about both national and state specific threats to eCommerce. Our program will include a detailed presentation explaining these threats, a question and answer session and a complimentary working lunch or breakfast. Our team will then escort you to your state capitol to speak directly with state legislators about these crucial issues.
eBay's activist approach is not just national. eBay is also known as The World's Online Marketplace®, and "currently employ[s] more than 20 Government Relation (GR) Specialists around the world to monitor and engage in the political, legislative, and regulatory activities of governments," cooperatively working with their "Army of Entrepreneurs".

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