Education state cards

The Alliance for Excellent Education recently published their updated state cards. According to the Alliance web site, the state card
provides a statistical snapshot of high schools for the United States and includes data on funding, teachers' salaries, graduation rates, college readiness, and academic achievement.
Washington Post (WP) reported Thursday on the Maryland State Card, which "could be a crucial tool in Maryland legislators' discussions about educational funding priorities."

Using the national standardized test scores of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and compiling data on teachers' salaries and data collection abilities, the Alliance state cards reported on three overall findings for the U.S. (pdf) and for each of the fifty states and D.C.:
  1. High school dropouts cost the United States billions in lost wages. High costs, 50-state breakdown (pdf)
  2. The United States' economy could see billions in wealth accumulation by raising the high school graduation rate. Hidden benefits, 50-state breakdown (pdf)
  3. The United States could save billions in health care costs by raising high school graduation rates. Health care costs, 50-state breakdown (pdf)
Besides these three findings, the Hawaii State Card includes:
Hawaii's economy would see millions if the minority graduation rate was raised to the level of their white classmates.

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