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Recently added to The Reading Shelf:

Hooked: Ethics, the Medical Profession, and the Pharmaceutical Industry (347 pp.), by Howard Brody, a physician and medical ethicist at the University of Texas.

From the Introduction: This book aims to:
  • describe the present relationship between the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry
  • assess that relationship from the standpoint of ethics and policy
  • where the problems are identified, suggest positive changes
(New York Times book review)

First Among Nisei: The Life and Writings of Masaji Marumoto (266 pp.), by Dennis M. Ogawa, professor of American Studies, University of Hawaii.

Marumoto was the first Asian to graduate from Harvard Law School and to serve on the supreme court of any state or territory. This account of his life and career is based on oral histories and his writings, which include excerpts from a diary he kept as a 14-year-old and letters he wrote home during World War II.

(Press release in the Advertiser)

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