Comparing search engines

It's easy to rely on one or two Internet search engines when good results are consistent and fast. Google and Yahoo are two such excellent sites returning that particular document or site you need at the top of the list. However, trying some of the others can net you surprisingly good results more suited to your search style.

Clusty and Gigablast have clustering features which organize results into sorted directories. Clusty also allows preview expanding windows from within the returning hit list. Teoma offers fast, uncluttered site rankings, adding suggested refined search strategies and a column of sites which contain collections of links related to your search. These three search engines are especially helpful when your search is first step harvesting of research materials or your query is broad and unfocused. But how to compare without opening and closing countless browser windows and retyping your search?

MrSapo is a goofy name for such a nice product. This site offers 37 search site options. You enter your query one time and select first one search engine then another. The results are quickly returned and easy to compare. MrSapo might just be the one search engine you need to search through the searchers.


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