Calif reasserts domestic partner protections

The California Supreme Court decided today, Monday, that private country clubs must provide same-sex partners the same benefits as married couples. The Mercury News posted on their website a story reporting the decision:
The decision came in one of a series of gay rights cases that are serving as a prelude to the historic legal showdown over whether California's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, a matter that could be heard by the Supreme Court by the end of this year. The justices ruled that a San Diego country club violated California civil rights laws by refusing a spousal discount to a lesbian couple that it extends to married members.
The couple sued the country club, arguing discrimination and violation of California's domestic partnership provisions. California Attorney General Bill Lockyer supported the couple. The Court's decision was unanimous. According to The Mercury News, "The decision could now give registered domestic partners stronger protections with a host of businesses, from mortgage lenders to health clubs."



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