Cool blog from Governing

I just discovered a neat blog by the writers and editors of Governing magazine, called 13th Floor, because they're in Suite 1300. It blogs on "what's up in statehouses, county courthouses and city halls." (Governing is based in Washington, DC, but it covers state and local government.) 13th Floor apparently started in June, as their archives begin then. First Reading started in June too, so I feel a kinship.

On the left sidebar of 13th Floor is an array of categories, beginning with All Arnold - yes, it's all about Ahnold. Other categories, to pick a few, are: Big Business, Gay & Lesbian Issues, Katrina, Legislatures, Off The Record, and Scandal Watch. Worth a look, and probably a feed.



Anonymous Matthew Dunn said...

Not quite sure how I ended up on a blog post from 2 years ago. Anyways, thanks for the info on 13th Floor. A really great and informative site.


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