Katrina links for states (NCSL)

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) has established a website, Hurricane Katrina: States Respond to a Nation in Crisis:
This series of webpages, which will be updated often, is designed to serve as a resource guide for state legislators and legislative staff as they tackle many of the policy challenges associated with a natural disaster of this magnitude.
Among the links on the site is Emergency-Related Resources for Legislators and Legislative Staff which provides information on federal resources (Emergency Management Assistance Compact, Centers for Disease Control Health Information, USDA disaster assistance food distribution programs, etc.) and legislative resources (price gouging statutes, and information technology disaster recovery and business continuity, on replacing critical IT infrastructure).


Blogger Exhomeless-Guy said...

http://www.CrisisSearch.com has tonnes of Katrina links, please add sites that are not yet listed which are helpful in times of disaster.

Anonymous Buy Links said...

Its good to see this work being done on a state level, rather than leaving it all to the Feds.

Anonymous Real Estate said...

I know this is a little late but I found the blog on Google.

I noticed a huge number of sites out there posting the Katrina links, it was amazing to see.

I'm sure the same will be done for other unfortunate disasters.


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