To become the Google of blogs (WSJ)

Blogs are proliferating. The exact number is unknown, but Technorati, a blog-search site, recently tracked about 16.5 million. Established search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN include blog pages in Web and news searches but for now don't allow blog-only searches and so may not catch the latest in blogs or their updates. "New search engines help users find blogs" (Wall Street Journal, Sept. 7, D1) describes a few "upstart" search sites dedicated to blogs and tracking them almost in real time. But even they are as different from each other as from the giants.

To follow prominent bloggers, DayPop searches fewer than 60,000 blogs selected by editors. Technorati, Feedster, IceRocket, and BlogPulse scour from 15 million to 20 million blogs. Technorati and BlogPulse search only blogs, while Feedster and IceRocket also search mainstream news sources. There is still a vast difference in scale. The larger blog searchers cover under 20 million blogs, while Google, Yahoo, and MSN search billions of Web pages. Technorati is the only blog search engine busy enough to register on an Internet-tracking firm. It had 642,000 unique visitors in July, less than 1% of Google's July count.

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Well Search Engine Optimization Service blogs are becoming too big of a problem but some prominent bloggers know that technorati feedster icerocket and blogpulse are all bunk and very seldomly used if at all. Google still retains about 90 percent search market share and even msn/yahoo are using their crawlers. Hey don't shoot the messenger.


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