Just in...Renewable energy; performance information; constituents (NCSL)

The Library recently received three publications from the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL):

Renewable Portfolio Standards. The renewable portfolio standard (RPS) requires that power retailers include renewable energy in the fuel mix they use to generate electricity. Hawaii is one of 20 states that have an RPS. The report covers cost impacts, what qualifies as renewable, and structure, size and phase-in of each state's RPS. Also discussed are tradable renewable energy credits (RECs). (HN85 N37 (05-11))

Asking Key Questions: How to Review Program Results. Performance information is a major accountability tool for a state to identify what it is getting for the activities it undertakes and the funds it spends. This report focuses on state programs that deliver public services and programs rather than on internal state services. Two examples illustrate program reviews: one on state universities and the second on child care programs. (HN85 N37 (05-12))

Building a True Partnership with Your Constituents. Polls show that many citizens don't like government and don't understand it. State legislators generally agree that constituents feel disconnected but other than responding to phone calls and personal requests, they may not know how to reach out. This report profiles four state legislators who used ingenuity and energy and built relationships with key people in their communities for constituent involvement. Starting a program, "Sometimes you just have to take a chance...and then put in the time, effort and enthusiasm to make it a success." (HN85 N37 (05-13))

These reports are not available online


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