Just in...Cruise ships and Maui

A Task Force, comprising a broad spectrum of Maui residents, was appointed to assess the impacts and benefits of the cruise ship industry in Maui. Its report covers statistics of cruise ships in Maui in 2003-2004. In those years, 27 different cruise ships arrived in Maui ports, bringing from 230,000 to 240,000 passengers and a little over 100,000 crew each year. The Task Force gathered information from the following perspectives: cultural, economic, environmental, infrastructural, political, security/safety, and social. (HE601 H3 M38 2005)

Mayor's Cruise Ship Task Force, Island of Maui; Final Report
(PDF, 6MB, 145p., from Office of the Mayor, Maui County)


Anonymous Jimmy said...

Please note that this task force didn't operate under the Sunshine Law and has no legal authority. It's just the mayor's unofficial project, even though he expended county resources on it and published the report on the county website.


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