Edison Schools' report card

Both the Honolulu Star Bulletin (Only Average) and the Honolulu Advertiser (With Time) ran stories today, Oct 13, on the RAND evaluation of the Edison Schools, the nation's largest education management organization. As stated in the Bulletin, Edison Schools Inc. is working with seven Hawaii schools under two-year school reform contracts for a total of $3.9 million a year (see also previous post). The RAND evaluation of Edison questioned:
  • What are Edison's strategies for promoting student achievement in the schools it manages?
  • How are Edison's strategies implemented in the schools it manages?
  • How does Edison's management of schools affect student achievement?
  • What factors explain differences in achievement trends among Edison schools?
Inspiration, Perspiration, and Time - Operations and Achievement in Edison Schools
   Full report, in PDF, 1.2 MB
   Summary, in PDF, .4 MB
   Research Brief, in HTML



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