Medicaid: Long-term care partnership

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) today released correspondence on a public-private partnership between states and private insurers to reduce Medicaid expenditures for long-term care. Persons who buy insurance policies designated by a state as partnership policies first use those benefits to pay for their long-term care before accessing Medicaid. To encourage the purchase of partnership insurance, policyholders may protect their assets from Medicaid spend-down requirements, but they must still meet income requirements. Currently four states offer Long-Term Care Partnership Programs - California, Connecticut, Indiana, and New York.

Overview of the Long-Term Care Partnership Program
      Full Briefing (PDF, 364K, 37p., from GAO)
      Abstract (HTML)

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Anonymous Blue Cross of California said...

Medicaid is a great form of health insurance for many individuals and there is no way it should be cut off as health coverage is a major importance to many.


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