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The Library has received four reports to the 2006 Hawaii State Legislature from the Dept. of the Attorney General:

Annual Report of the Tobacco Enforcement Unit for Fiscal Year 2004-2005. This is an accounting of the Tobacco Enforcement Special Fund by the Tobacco Enforcement Unit which enforces the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, the Tobacco Liability Act, and the cigarette and tobacco tax law. (HD9137 H3 H36 2004-05) (Also available in PDF, 316K, 14p.)

Report of the Investigations Division, Cold Case Squad, for Fiscal Year 2004-2005. The Cold Case Squad is dedicated exclusively to the resolution of cold homicide cases, where "all viable leads (have) been exhausted." (KFH421.5 R47 A85 06-5) (Also available in PDF, 68K, 6p.)

Report of the Drug Nuisance Abatement Unit. The Drug Nuisance Abatement Unit enforces the nuisance abatement laws relating to offenses involving the distribution or manufacture of drugs. (KFH421.5 R47 A85 06-6) (Also available in PDF, 132K, 17p.)

Report Concerning Special, Trust, and Revolving Funds for Fiscal Year 2004-2005. An overview of the Department's special, trust and revolving accounts, which includes legal authority, purpose of account, financial summary, and revenues and expenditures. (KFH421.5 R47 A85 06-7) (Also available in PDF, 316K, 46p.)

All PDFs from AG


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Drug Nuisance Abatement Unit always came across as a weird law in the way that it just didnt deter the crime in the first place.

Sad though...



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