Wait up...

24/7, no longer weekly or even daily, the constant ticker-tape of RSS feeds and news aggregators both enrich and stress our faculties to weigh the right amount of contextual information. Seemingly trusting the subconscious 90 percent, we query, evaluate and decide. The ellipsis is perhaps the punctuation for the 21st Century. We know there's always more, but this will do in the meantime...

So, end-of-year ruminations to lend a logic to the serendipity of our searches, and from a library's point of view, a great opportunity to ponder the lists.

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press and their, What Was–and Wasn't on the Public's Mind…, is a good lead-off to a linked look backwards: the Schiavo backlash; the death of Rosa Parks; medicare, social security and pensions; the natural and the man-made high gas prices. Catch your breath and consider the public opinions framing this year's news.

Happy New Year.



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