Data security - federal and state laws

In a 6-page report issued Feb. 3, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) presents a brief discussion of federal and state data security laws. The report traces public awareness of security breaches of electronic personal data to the California Security Breach Notification Act, which became effective in 2003 (Cal. Civ. Code §1798.82). The report covers federal data security standards, federal data breach notification standards, and state data breach notification laws. As of December 2005, 35 states had introduced legislation and 22 had enacted data security laws.

Data Security: Federal and State Laws, CRS Report RS22374
(pdf, 48KB, from Open CRS)

Recent CRS reports referred to in the above report, all from Open CRS:

Personal Data Security Breaches: Context and Incident Summaries, RL33199 (pdf, 136KB, 21p.), Dec. 16, 2005

Internet Privacy: Overview and Pending Legislation, RL31408 (pdf 116KB, 25p.), updated Oct. 19, 2005

Information Brokers: Federal and State Laws, RS22087 (pdf, 36KB, 5p.), updated May 17, 2005

Data Brokers: Background and Industry Overview, RS22137 ((pdf, 36KB, 5p.), May 5, 2005

Privacy Protection for Customer Financial Information, RS20185 (pdf, 40KB, 6p.), updated April 18, 2005

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