Protecting all of Hawai`i

Cascadia Times is an environmental issues periodical published in Portland, Oregon concerned with conservation efforts in the Pacific. Their Spring 2006 editon is dedicated to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI) and the threat to its fragile ecosytem by, "the rogues of the Pacific." Cascadia Times reports on what they find to be power plays between public and government conservationists and a federally funded fishery management council, Western Pacific Fishery Management Council (Wespac). Paul Koberstein, the author of the piece, claims Wespac is spending federal money marked for education to promote board members' fishing businesses and their desire to deregulate and open the NWHI to the fishing industry.

Detailing the NWHI's history of presidential and government protection, its current protected reserve status and the move to expand the protection coverage, and documenting the various exchanges and workings of both sides to the issues, the edition presents an expose-like view of what the paper views as a major threat to the priceless Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Rogues of The Pacific, by Cascadia Times
(available in pdf, 1.1MB, from the NWHI Network)


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