Wireless E911 progress

On March 10 the Government Accountability Office (GAO) published a study on the progress of implementing wireless enhanced 911 (E911) services in the U.S. Enhanced 911 gives emergency responders the location and callback number of callers using landline phones. Wireless E911 gives the same callback information from mobile phone users and "is inherently more challenging." In response to the ENHANCE 911 Act of 2004, PL 108-494 (pdf, 108KB, 14p., from GPO), GAO reviewed the use of state and local funds to deploy wireless E911. GAO found "significant progress" since its last report in 2003 but noted that states are in varying stages of implementation.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: States' Collection and Use of Funds for Wireless Enhanced 911 Services, GAO-06-338
     Full report (pdf, 656KB, 27p.)
     Highlights (pdf, 64KB, 1p.)
     Abstract (html)

Related GAO report:

Telecommunications: Uneven Implementation of Wireless Enhanced 911 Raises Prospect of Piecemeal Availability for Years to Come, GAO-04-55 (pdf, 1.5MB, 42p.), Nov. 7, 2003

Related LRB report:

Wireless Enhanced 911 Working Group: Report of Proceedings, Report No. 2, 2004 (pdf, 448KB, 42p.)

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