Benefit-cost analysis of health-related regulatory interventions

The National Academies Press (NAP) released this month recommendations on measuring "health-related quality of life impacts for diverse public health, safety, and environmental regulations." Authors are Wilhelmine Miller, Lisa A. Robinson, and Robert S. Lawrence, Editors, Committee to Evaluate Measures of Health Benefits for Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulation. The 382 page report should be valuable for public decision makers, regulatory analysts, scholars, and students supporting the work of regulatory programs.
Estimating the magnitude of the expected health and longevity benefits and reductions in mortality, morbidity, and injury risks helps policy makers decide whether particular interventions merit the expected costs associated with achieving these benefits and inform their choices among alternative strategies.
Valuing Health for Regulatory Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
(available as an Open Book from NAP)

Summary (available as pdf, 344KB)



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