Internet content driven by speed not class

Pew Internet released a report Sunday describing the surge in home broadband Internet use. Compared to a similar survey last year, "home broadband adoption grew by 40% in the year prior to March 2006, twice the growth rate of the year before."

A few of the report's findings include:
  • Growth in broadband adoption has been very strong in middle-income households.
  • 48 million internet users have posted content to the internet and the large majority of them are home broadband users.
  • Having a fast, always-on internet connection at home is associated with users' posting content to the internet and thereby shaping the environment of cyberspace.
  • User-generated content is driven by young home high-speed users. Fully 51% of "under 30" home broadband users have posted content to the internet compared with 36% of home high-speed users older than 30.
Home Broadband Adoption 2006 Home broadband adoption is going mainstream and that means user-generated content is coming from all kinds of internet users.
(available in pdf, 128KB, from PEW Internet)



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