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Disaster Management

CATASTROPHIC DISASTERS: Enhanced Leadership, Capabilities, and Accountability Controls Will Improve the Effectiveness of the Nation's Preparedness, Response, and Recovery System, GAO-06-618, September 6, 2006
     Highlights, (pdf, 60KB, 1p.) Full report (pdf, 2.7MB, 147p.)
     Reviews lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina.


ELECTIONS: DOD Expands Voting Assistance to Military Absentee Voters, but Challenges Remain, GAO-06-1134T, September 28, 2006
     Highlights (pdf, 64KB, 1p.) Full testimony (pdf, 424KB, 26p.)
     Covers the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP).


AGRICULTURAL CONSERVATION: USDA Should Improve Its Process for Allocating Funds to States for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, GAO-06-969, September 22, 2006
     Highlights (pdf, 60KB, 1p.) Full report (pdf, 892KB, 62p.)
     Hawaii's EQIP funding for FY2006 is $7.5 million.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Federal Agencies Should Do More to Make Funding Reports Clearer and Encourage Progress on Two Voluntary Programs, GAO-06-1126T, September 27, 2006
     Highlights (pdf, 64KB, 1p.) Full testimony (pdf, 464KB, 21p.)
     The two voluntary programs are Climate Leaders and Climate VISION.

ENDANGERED SPECIES: Many Factors Affect the Length of Time to Recover Select Species, GAO-06-730, September 6, 2006
     Highlights (pdf, 57KB, 1p.) Full report (pdf, 726KB, 77p.)
     Covers 31 species nearing recovery.

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