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NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT: Education's Data Improvement Efforts Could Strengthen the Basis for Distributing Title III Funds GAO-07-140, December 7, 2006
      Highlights (pdf, 1p/92kB)    Report (pdf 57pp/1.7MB)
      Title III of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) provides for the education of students with limited English proficiency.

POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION: Multiple Tax Preferences and Title IV Student Aid Programs Create a Complex Education Financing Environment GAO-07-262T, December 5, 2006
      Highlights (pdf, 1p/76kB)   Testimony (pdf, 41pp/1MB)
      Compares postsecondary student aid under Title IV of the Higher Education Act with tax preferences such as the Hope Credit.

Eminent Domain

EMINENT DOMAIN: Information about Its Uses and Effect on Property Owners and Communities Is Limited GAO-07-28, November 30, 2006
      Highlights (pdf, 1p/60kB)   Report (pdf, 58p/932kB)
      Includes general information on post-Kelo (pdf, 58pp/412kB) legislation enacted by 29 states, from June 23, 2005, through July 31, 2006.
      See earlier FR post, Jan. 06

Financial Management

FINANCIAL LITERACY AND EDUCATION COMMISSION: Further Progress Needed to Ensure an Effective National Strategy GAO-07-100, December 4, 2006
      Highlights (pdf, 1p/60kB)   Report (pdf, 54pp/740kB)
      Discusses the National Strategy for Financial Literacy.


NEW DRUG DEVELOPMENT: Science, Business, Regulatory, and Intellectual Property Issues Cited as Hampering Drug Development Efforts, GAO-07-49, November 17, 2006
      Highlights (pdf, 1p/100kB)   Report (pdf, 52pp/1MB)
      Addresses concerns that new drug applications (NDAs) for new molecular entities (NMEs) have declined since 1996.
      See related FR post, Oct. 06

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