Health care dollars - state by state

Health Affairs published today their study on state health care spending, presenting "updated per capita health spending estimates by state of residence for 1991-1998 and new estimates for 1999-2004." Examining the "huge variations in personal health spending among states," (New York Times, September 18, 2007), the authors feel "can yield new perspectives on recent state health spending trends and provide context for policy discussions,"
Finally, these data can shed light on differences in state health care delivery and consumption and on the demographic and economic factors that contribute to health care spending patterns.

Health Affairs is a peer reviewed journal of health policy thought and research:
Every article Health Affairs has ever published is available online at www.healthaffairs.org. The 25-year archive is fully searchable. All back content is free access after three years. Selected content is free access at time of posting...

Health Spending By State Of Residence, 1991-2004
(available in HTML and pdf, 13pp/140KB)

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