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A Spark Is Struck! Jack Hall and the ILWU in Hawaii by Sanford Zalburg. Jack Hall not only led the ILWU in Hawaii from 1944 to 1969 but made the union a powerful force through one of Hawaii's most transformative eras. This is a new edition of Zalburg's still definitive 1979 biography. 558 pp. (HD6509 H25 Z34 2007) (ISBN 0979064784)

See Star Bulletin review, 2.24.2008

Who Owns the Crown Lands of Hawaii? by Jon M. Van Dyke. The author, a University of Hawaii (UH) law professor, presents the complex history of crown lands, almost a million acres, which belonged to the monarchy. Crown lands are part of "ceded lands," a longstanding and contentious issue in the executive, legislative, and judicial arenas. 485 pp. (KFH451 V36 2008) (ISBN hardcover: 0824832100; paperback: 0824832117)

See Advertiser commentary, 2.13.2008

State-by-State Report on Authentication of Online Legal Resources was published by the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) to answer the question, "How trustworthy are state-level primary legal resources on the Web?" Among the report's findings: "No state's online primary legal resources are authenticated or afford ready authentication by standard methods." 241 pp. (KF242 A12 M37 2007)

Also available online (pdf, 256pp/12MB)

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