Info and communications tech (ICT)

On Jan. 14 the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program released a report on the Aspen Plan for information and communications technologies (ICT). Last August the Institute gathered 29 leaders in communications policy to formulate recommendations to the next administration on leveraging ICT "to help stimulate the economy and establish long-term economic growth." The Aspen Plan presents 3 initiatives:
  • Establish presidential leadership on ICT
  • Economic stimulus and ICT infrastructure (telecom plan)
  • ICT, energy and the environment
The report concludes:
The technologies necessary for (a) ubiquitous, national broadband network are available, and the time has come to finish building the network’s infrastructure and encourage 100% popular adoption. It is time to prepare ourselves, so that every American will be able to enjoy the benefits when the economy and government inevitably migrate to primarily electronic platforms.

ICT: The 21st Century Transitional Initiative (pdf, 58pp/960kB)
Initiative Recommendations (pdf, 7pp/160kB)
Press release, Jan. 14, 2009

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