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The Brookings Governance Studies Program published a report on cost savings the federal government could achieve through cloud computing. Darrell M. West, Governance Studies Director, found that government agencies moving to the cloud have seen 25-50 percent savings, which could translate to billions saved by the federal government as a whole. However, there is a wide variation in estimates of cloud savings. West cites these factors:
  • How extensive the migration is and whether the cloud deployment focuses on applications, service delivery, or platform storage
  • Reliance on public, hybrid, or private clouds
  • The efficiency of capacity utilization, reducing the number of servers
  • Level of privacy and security protection
  • Extent of labor savings, whether an agency can reduce personnel
While the paper's focus is on the federal sector, it also reports on savings made in e-mail service by the city governments of Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Carlsbad, CA, and 311 management in Miami.

Saving Money Through Cloud Computing, April 7, 2010
      Report (pdf, 14pp/288kB)
      Executive Summary

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