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Considered "a signature effort" of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, the State of Metropolitan America reports on demographic and social trends in large metropolitan areas, together with implications for public policy for these areas and their populations to thrive.

Chapters: 1. Population and Migration, 2. Race and Ethnicity, 3. Immigration, 4. Age, 5. Households and Families, 6. Educational Attainment, 7. Work, 8. Income and Poverty, and 9. Commuting. These nine chapters correspond to "the most important subjects tracked by the Census Bureau in its annual American Community Survey (ACS)."

The report notes five "new realities":
  • Growth and outward expansion
  • Population diversification
  • Aging of the population
  • Uneven higher educational attainment
  • Income polarization
And large metropolitan areas—the collections of cities, suburbs, and rural areas that house two-thirds of America’s population—lay squarely on the front lines of those trends.

The State of Metropolitan America, May 9, 2010
      Full Report, Part One (pp 1-75) (pdf, 77pp/7.57MB)
      Full Report, Part Two (pp 76-168) (pdf, 95pp/15.6MB)
      Executive Summary (pdf, 4pp/1.65MB)

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