Small business as jobs generator

The Brookings Economic Studies program issued a policy brief on the role of small business in job creation.
As the nation strives to recover from the “Great Recession,” job creation remains one of the biggest challenges to renewed prosperity. Small businesses have been among the most powerful generators of new jobs historically, suggesting the value of a stronger focus on supporting small businesses—especially high-growth firms—and encouraging entrepreneurship.
The paper examines the following recommendations to strengthen the small business sector:
  • Improve access to public and private capital.
  • Reexamine corporate tax policy.
  • Promote education and research to train workers and spur innovation.
  • Rethink immigration policy.
  • Explore ways to foster “innovation-friendly” environments.
  • Strengthen government counseling programs.

The Future of Small Business Entrepreneurship: Jobs Generator for the U.S. Economy, pdf (8pp/456kB), html, June 2010

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