Creating jobs

With the U.S. facing its worst recession in the post-WWII era, William Galston of Brookings Governance Studies has presented an agenda that "would demand both elected officials and their constituents to subordinate other objectives, however worthy, to the overriding objective of restarting the engine of economic growth and sustaining robust job creation." His proposed policies:
  • Pro-growth tax reform
  • Public incentives for larger private capital investments in public infrastructure
  • Conditional revenue-sharing by the federal government
  • Jump-starting the stalled trade treaty agenda
  • Pro-growth regulatory policy
  • Facilitating immigrants with advanced education, critical skills, or entrepreneurial capacity to enter and remain in the U.S.
  • Reducing student dropouts and using community colleges to provide skills for future jobs

Priority No. 1: Creating an Agenda to Spur Job-Creating Economic Growth, July 20, 2010, pdf (6pp/291kB), html

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