Don't print it -- Furl it!

I've known people print out dozens of web pages per Internet session, saving copies to share with others, for later, for workplace and for home, stuffing sheets into folders, backpacks or briefcases, only later losing them or invariably forgetting their relevance as they pile up. There's a free online service which makes saving web pages easy, searchable and as mobile as the nearest Internet access. Furl allows members to save copies of web pages to a personal directory...it's free to sign up and they give you 5 gigabytes storage. Better than bookmarks in that the actual page is saved, Furl makes it possible to archive documents which might otherwise be edited or deleted the next time you visit the original web site.

Saving web pages is not the only feature. You can assign keywords, mark pages private or shared, mark read or unread, and make comments and ratings. This added data provides a more relevant and accessible personal filing system than a long list of favorites and bookmarks. You can file seemingly unrelated pages, net broadcasts, and streaming video sites under a few, shared keywords.

Furl provides members several ways to furl a page. Download a toolbar button to click or a browser extension which makes "Furl this page" a mousekey option click. On the Furl web site, anyone can search for shared pages while only members can search their own private archive.

Visit Furl for more information.


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