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Public Funds Disbursed, 1980-2004. The Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission's report on public funds disbursed to candidates (1) by election year, 1980 through 2004, and (2) by office. (JK1991.5 H3 H34 no. 1) (Also available in PDF, 1.58MB, 34p., from the Commission)

State of Hawaii Executive Branch Workforce Profile. Profile of the executive branch workforce as of June 30, 2004, by the Dept. of Human Resources Development (DHRD). Provides data (1) on the entire executive branch workforce, both civil service and exempt; (2) separately on the four personnel systems that comprise the executive branch workforce: DHRD, Board of Education, University of Hawaii, and Hawaii Health Systems Corporation; and (3) on projected retirements through June 30, 2009. (JK9355 H35 2005) (Also available in PDF, 776KB, 97p., from DHRD)

2005-2008 DOE Strategic Plan. The strategic plan of the Hawaii Dept. of Education targets 3 student priorities: academic achievement, safety and well being, and civic responsibility, and has 3 goals: improve student achievement through standards-based education, provide comprehensive support for all students, and continuously improve performance and quality. (LA263.2 H27 2005) (Also available in PDF, 320KB, 28p., from DOE)

Energy Markets: Gasoline Price Trends. Testimony by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on how gasoline prices are determined and what factors will likely influence future gasoline prices. (HJ9802 U42 (05-1)) (Also available in PDF, 336KB, 24p., from GAO)

Social Security Numbers: Federal and State Laws Restricet Use of SSNs, yet Gaps Remain. SSNs have become key information in identity theft. This testimony by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) focuses on describing (1) public use of SSNs, (2) private sector use of SSNs, and (3) laws regulating the use of SSNs and ID theft. (HJ9802 U42 (05-2)) (Also available in PDF, 324KB, 36p., from GAO)


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