Law journals in the Library - online

A number of law journals are available online. LRB Library, in its online catalog, is now providing links to indexed articles from law journals in its collection. Since the Library catalogs only selected articles, access to the journals themselves will provide patrons with broader resources.

The following are journals in the Library which provide full-text articles online:
Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review (1999+)
Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems (Fall 2004+)
Columbia Law Review (v. 97, 1997+)
Cornell Law Review (v. 90, no. 3, March 2005+)
Harvard Law Review (Nov. 2004+)
University of Pennsylvania Law Review (v. 152, no. 1, Nov. 2003+)
Virginia Law Review (2004+)
Yale Law Journal (v. 110, no. 1, Oct. 2000+)

The following are journals in the Library which provide abstracts of articles online:

Michigan Law Review (partial contents, Oct. 1997+)
University of Minnesota Law Review
(Nov. 2000+)
University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform (partial contents, Fall 1996+)
Yale Law & Policy Review
(v. 21, 2003+)

See also the Library's link to law journals.


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