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The Library has been receiving reports to the 2006 Hawaii Legislature, responding to requests in bills passed or resolutions adopted in the 2005 session. A sampling of the reports:

Report of the Joint Legislative Housing and Homeless Task Force. SB 179, CD1, which became Act 196, SLH 2005, established the task force and required this report (sec. 35). Recommendations of the task force cover financing, land availability, government permitting, infrastructure, and maintenance of existing public housing in Hawaii. (KFH421.5 R47 A85 06-61) (Also available in pdf, 500KB, 98p., from the Legislature)

Report of the Hawaii Health Care Task Force. Prepared by the Hawaii Uninsured Project for the Insurance Division, Hawaii Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA), pursuant to HB 1304, CD1, which became Act 223, SLH 2005. Gives a snapshot of the uninsured in Hawaii, describes the State's health care coverage landscape, and makes interim recommendations. (KFH421.5 R47 A85 06-21) (Also available in pdf, 10MB, 94p., from DCCA)

Report on Electronic Commerce-Based Crimes. Prepared by the Hawaii Anti-Phishing Task Force, established in the Dept. of the Attorney General (AG), pursuant to SB 1170, HD1, which became Act 65, SLH 2005. Covers relevant agencies, other jurisdictions' laws and activities, and options to deter these crimes, and makes findings and recommendations. (KFH421.5 R47 A85 06-55) (Also available in pdf, 1MB, 96p., from the AG)

Report of the Temporary Early Childhood Education Task Force. The work of the task force was administered by the Hawaii Educational Policy Center, pursuant to HB 1300, CD1, which became Act 151, SLH 2005. Its recommendations cover governance, building the workforce and profession, providing programs and services, and financing of the early childhood education system. (KFH421.5 R47 A85 06-58) (Also available in pdf, 740KB, 71p., from the University of Hawaii)

For a complete table of all reports submitted by all agencies, go to:
Reports to the Legislature (as required by §23G-5, HRS)

You can also access this table via CARD by clicking on 'All Agencies Reports' in the left sidebar under LRB Library.


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