Relating To Bills Passed, 2006 Hawaii

The Legislative Reference Bureau has published its annual report providing information on bills passed by the Hawaii State Legislature. The publication contains:
  • a preliminary index of bills passed in 2006 listed under broad and general subject matter.
  • laws affected by bills passed
  • status of bills passed
  • total program appropriations for fiscal years 2006-07 and 2007-08

Supplemental Information Relating To Bills Passed, 2006
(available in pdf, 272 KB, from the Bureau)

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Anonymous Doug said...

I know, you probably didn't write it, but...

Will it be updated later if there are any additional vetoes and/or veto overrides?

Blogger stephen said...

The Bureau comes out with a later Vetoes report and an Acts report around mid July. Sometimes these two lists might be updated (rarely), but not the Supplemental Info. If a Special Session is called, then also a follow-up info report.

Check out all the Bureau's session reports:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Bureau's session reports link.
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