Requests by the Hawaii State Legislature, 2006

This publication sets forth all of the requests made by the Hawaii State Legislature during the Regular Session of 2006 to agencies and officials of the federal, state and county governments and of quasi-public and private agencies. These requests are contained in acts enacted by the Legislature or bills passed which have yet to be approved by the Governor. These acts or bills include specific requests for submission of information back to the Legislature excluding annual and other reports requested on an indefinite basis. These requests are also contained in resolutions adopted by the Senate or House of Representatives or by the whole legislature. Dates by which reports and other responses are expected are indicated when specifically set by the Legislature. The names of the agencies involved in the conduct of a study or the execution of a request are underscored.

For the reader's convenience these legislative requests are also grouped together by agencies, as well as by subject matter.

Requests By The Hawaii State Legislature To Agencies And Officials Of Federal, State And County Governments And Quasi-Public And Private Agencies
(June 2006, pdf, 158 pages/607 kB)



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