Just in . . . Legislative drafting

The Legislative Drafter's Desk Reference, Second Edition, 583pp., updates the first edition published in 1992 by considering the impact of electronic documents and the Internet, and the role of the courts in interpreting legislation. (Ref. KF4950 F55 2007)

Table of contents:
  • The first stage: preparing to put pen to paper
  • Writing the bill: preliminary considerations
  • Writing the provisions of a prototypical bill
  • Writing amendatory provisions
  • Style, form, and usage generally
  • The role of the courts
  • The uniquely federal forms and styles
  • State and regulatory drafting considerations
The authors: Lawrence E. Filson is former Deputy Legislative Counsel and Sandra L. Strokoff is Senior Counsel, both for the Office of the Legislative Counsel, U.S. House of Representatives.



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