Losing government managers

Government agencies are losing their baby-boomer managers to retirement, and there is no "leadership pipeline" to groom their successors, the Sacramento Bee reported Oct. 17, citing a study conducted by CPS Human Resource Services. Not only is there a need for management replacements, the author of the study commented, but the need for government services will increase as the overall population ages (see related post).

The Hawaii Leadership Academy is one of five state government case studies in the report. The Hawaii program is unique among the government organizations interviewed, the report noted, because it hired the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to create the eight-month program. (The other state case studies are Pennsylvania, New York, South Carolina, and Michigan.)

Building the Leadership Pipeline in Local, State, and Federal Government
(available in PDF, 1.6MB, 104p., from CPS Human Resource Services)


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