Global storm

Charged with finding the top ten actions federal policymakers could take to insure that America can successfully compete, prosper and be secure in the new world technology of the 21st century, the National Academies found the necessary technological and scientific building blocks seriously eroding.

"A comprehensive and coordinated federal effort is urgently needed to bolster U.S. competitiveness and pre-eminence in these areas [the marketplace, science and technology] so that the nation will consistently gain from the opportunities offered by rapid globalization," says a new report published by the National Academies Press (NAP).

Some of their recommendations include:
  • Increase America's talent pool by vastly improving K-12 mathematics and science education.
  • Sustain and strengthen the nation's commitment to long-term basic research.
  • Develop, recruit, and retain top students, scientists, and engineers from both the United States and abroad.
  • Ensure that the United States is the premier place in the world for innovation.

As reported in earlier FR posts, states have already begun the conversation focusing on the need for an educated and world aware citizenry .

Rising Above The Gathering Storm:
Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future

(2007, 590 pages, Open Book, NAP)

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Anonymous HDR said...

One of the major problems with globalization is that it hurts the American IT sector quite a bit. How can a programmer in Iowa compete with a programmer in India who will do the same work for 90% less the cost? Where does this leave that programmer in Iowa who just spend $40,000 in college loans?

I am glad these issues are being addressed.

Anonymous Okinawa said...

I have to agree with the sentiment that the outsourcing of work abroad has not only hurt American jobs in the short-term, but may have hurt us in the very long term also. Thanks for keeping this topic on the table.

Anonymous Gay men said...

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